Customer Service: Is the Golden Rule the best way to treat others?

Growing up, I remember always hearing about "The Golden Rule" from my mother. Do you remember hearing it too? It goes something like this: Do unto others as you would have others do to you. 

Now that I have my own children, I try to explain to them that the golden rule is making sure you treat others, strangers or friends, the way you would want to be treated. As parents we love to watch our children treat others with kindness and inclusion, it just makes the world better place. As I reflect on the Golden Rule, I think there is definitely an important piece missing. That missing piece comes down to the fact that we are all different and we like and dislike differently. That is where the Platinum Rule comes into play. 

Dave Kerpen, author of the book The Art of People, says that following the Golden Rule is all wrong. Instead, we should follow the Platinum Rule: Do unto others as they would want done to them. 

This small change can mean the world to people. Every person brings wonderful gifts to the world, but in different ways. The best way to treat others is to find out the way THEY like to be treated and treat them as such. For example, giving a Starbucks gift card as way to thank someone for the work they have done might seem like a great idea to a coffee drinker. If that person does not drink coffee, how much impact has that gift made? 

I challenge you to work with others to find out how they like to be treated, and treat them that way. Making this powerful shift helps to create a sense of empathy toward others. Just think of how great you could make your customers, colleagues, family, and friends feel if you followed the Platinum Rule. 


Austin Training Advisors Opens a KC Metro-Area Office

Offers unique approach to helping small and medium sized business create personalized training programs to engage and develop employees

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – September 2017 – Austin Training Advisors (ATA), a Midwest-based women owned training and consulting company, today announced the opening of offices in the Kansas City metro area. ATA offers a unique, instructor-led approach that builds on employee input and participation to help small and midsize companies develop employees and implement business plans leading to future growth.


“Our approach is unlike other companies in that we partner with employees and employers to develop training programs that best fit the needs for that business,” said Gretchen Farrell, vice president for Austin Training Advisors metro-based office. “Our training is not one-size-fits-all. We want to work within the culture of an organization to develop training that will help both seasoned and new employees be even more effective in their jobs and with their customers.


Austin Training Advisors offers an instructor-led approach that recognizes building an effective culture, creating authentic connections and fostering open communication are vital to the success of a company.  The initial training is not just a one-time event; it’s an ongoing process and adoptive philosophy. The company continues to help businesses with follow-up and implementation that allows them to see the value of their training investment. 


The company, founded by Lisa Austin of Denver, Colorado, has helped over 150 clients become more successful in organizational effectiveness. Clients include: Mercedes Benz of Denver, AARP, St. Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City, H&R Block, San Diego Padres and Time Warner Cable.


“Working with Gretchen was a key component of creating a diverse team with open communications, an innovative mindset and a collaborative work environment,” said Jason Houseworth, former Chief Innovative Officer with H&R Block.


Austin Training Advisors offers programs on various organizational effectiveness topics including:

·      Business Communication

·      Building Better Business Relationships

·      Building Effective Teams

·      Emotional Intelligence

·      Employee Engagement

·      Leadership & Management Development

·      Generations in the Workplace


“Our company is focused on helping organizations become more effective with their most important asset - their employees,” said Farrell. “We are committed to supporting leaders to create an effective culture by providing training on various organizational effectiveness topics. We’re excited to expand in the Kansas City area and to be active members of the Kansas City Area Chamber of Commerce.”